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Bespoke Tailoring

The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak or to “speak for something”. Specifically it means “to give an order for it to be made”. It is a term analogous to women’s haute couture.
Bespoke clothing offers a man full control. Bespoke standards particularly stress:

Individual cut of a paper pattern

Personal qualified service

Large selection of fabrics

Keeping of all records for future orders

Clothing has always been handmade. In Earlier days men used to get their clothes done from Gents Bespoke tailor .The industrial revolution and technological innovation lead to the advent of ready to wear clothing, which completely changed the whole face of garments industry. There are two things that are required to make a piece of clothing ready to wear first the standardized size and finished to be worn. In earlier days ready to wear trend started with men’s coat and jacket. The ready to wear revolution was quite beneficial at this time but it has its own pros and cons. The factory produced clothes were ill fitted as there were not meant for any specific sizes. The fabric used in such production was quite cheap. This affected the quality of clothes produced. Above all, there was no uniqueness in the clothes produced.
Men expect that clothes that they buy from stores to fit them perfectly. If the clothes don’t fit them, they start blaming their bodies thinking that they might have gained weight or something is wrong with their body sizes. The reality is that it is quite a difficult task for clothing designers to produce clothing for all body shapes and sizes. It is the tendency of men to compare themselves with every other men on the street and especially in any event. In this era where presentation is quite important investing in tailored fitted clothes should be a priority. Men should feel good in his style and in the clothes he is wearing.

Bespoke should not be confused with made to measure.

Made to measure is menswear produced to order from an adjusted block pattern. Usually a paper pattern is not built, rather pieces that match those needed are collected and assembled. It is differentiated from bespoke in that men who choose to buy made to measure have some, but not all control over the process.

The degree of control varies considerably. It is not always possible to get a perfect fit – the same as in bespoke, from a made to measure garment.
Suits and Shirts offers you personalized Bespoke Service. Dresses are made specially for you with the best of the fabrics. Our Shirting are 100% cotton from Giza or Italy. Our Suitings are generally European with 100% being sourced out of Italy like Reda or Cerruti
We also offer more than affordable bespoke wear with Shirts and Trousers starting only Aed 150 and Jackets AED 699.
Moreover we come to you. Leave your number in one of the forms on the website and we will call you to schedule a visit at your place any time anywhere.

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