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Experience Timeless Elegance: Mens Ethnic and Traditional Wear Tailor in Dubai

Indian Ethnic wear is not confined for Indians. Today it is the trend in the global fashion world. This is also not confined to special occasions.
Wear a kurta to work mid-week or add up a Nehru Jacket/Bundi for a weekend lunch with your friends or family or even a meeting.

Indo-Western suits also called Prince Suits or Jodhpuris and also Sherwanis are slowly becoming a norm for Weddings and Engagements in the Middle East and Africa and also in Europe.

At Suits and Shirts you can get your custom made Indian Ethnic and Traditional Arabic Dishdadsha or thobe tailored in various fabrics…blended wool, Jacquard, Velvet, Swede, Linen, Cotton and so on.

Kurtas and Pyjamas or Shalwars and Pathanis
Kurtas are long shirts commonly worn in the Indian Subcontinent. These come with Chinese or Mandarian collars, Shirt collars (Pathani) and also without a collar. Our wide range of ethnic bottom wear covers Pyjamas also called Alighars, Chudis with very narrow bottoms and Shalwars in different styles namely Patyalla and so on

The sherwani a knee length suit originated in Lucknow back in the early 1800s and continues to be the grandest outfit for festivities, weddings and also daily wear in some cities in India equivalent to wearing a Jacket or a Suit in some Western countries

Jodhpuri/Prince Suit or Indo-Western SuitThis is a suit buttoned from neck to waist unlike a conventional Western suit where the first button starts just above the waist. The bottom wear is a similar or contrasting trousers or jeans.

Bundi / Nehru/Modi JacketSimilar to the Jodhpuri without sleeves.

DishdshaThis is an ankle length Arabic garment commonly with long sleeves. Different names for this garments are used in different Arabic region such as thobe, thawb, kandoora, but the most common word is used in UAE is Dishdhsa. Dishdasha is worn very commonly in Arabic countries is most commonly made of Spun Japanese Polyester but also made of cotton and wool is used during Winter. The style of Dishdaha or thawb varies a from region to region in Arab countries. It has usually different lengths short-length thawb represents the modesty where as long-length is a mark of royalty